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i had a nightmare last night
i hear strange screams of my neighbor every day

untitled (olympic stadium, tyo), 2021 

untitled (shinjuku eastside, tyo), 2021 

untitled (docomo tower, tyo), 2021 

untitled (muse #2) 

untitled (muse) 

untitled (muse #3) 

untitled (east river and dawn sky, ny) 

untitled (torso) 

untitled (yellow) 

untitled (documentation and conservation of buildings,sites and neighbourhoods of the modern movement), 2019 

untitled (narcolepsy, tyo) 

untitled (redrum, hk) 
madness exists always           


untitled (morito coast, hayama)

untitled (she then bit my earlobe) 

untitled (le petit chaperon rouge) 

untitled (plant)


untitled (she put her hand on the rope) 

untitled (lady lay down)

untitled (bleu et rouge)

untitled (seventeen), 2014

untitled (women & men in chelsea, ny), 2012

untitled (wtc, ny), 2011

untitled (statue de la liberté, ny), 2011

untitled (naked boy, ny), 2000 

untitled (noir)

all about the youth, 2001
are photographs accurate representations of reality?
why is my heart shaken by the traces of light reflection?